Copper Blue Ink

~1 minute


This ink is endlessly changing, cloudy blues and crystal clear blues. It loves a regular feed of salt and vinegar! We have discovered regular white malt vinegar works a treat, and apple cider vinegar introduces greeny hues. Keep the mixture by a window, the light exposure helps the alchemy along nicely! Be careful, you must use gloves and a mask for this ink as it is toxic.


  • 2 cups white vinegar
  • 1/2 cup copper wire scraps
  • 1 tablespoon salt


  • Glass jars, one with lid
  • Wooden stir stick
  • Strainer


  1. Pile in lots of copper wire or old electrical wires, stripped off the plastic, into a glass jar.  A wide jar works well, to allow for plenty of surface exposure to help the oxidation process along.
  2. Fill the jar with vinegar and add salt, stir well. Leave by a window.
  3. Make sure to stir regularly, every day or even more often if possible. Gradually, over the course of a week, the transformation will start to take hold, blue crystals will appear!
  4. As the mixture turns to blue, evaporation takes hold. Keep topping up the salt and vinegar levels, with the copper fully submerged.
  5. When the perfect shade has been achieved, strain the ink into glass jars and cover with lids.
  6. The ink will settle into a cloudy layer at the base of the jar, with clearer liquid, shake well and the ink is ready to flow.


All stages in the process and use of this ink needs to be conducted in a well ventilated workspace, out of reach of children and  animals. Wear gloves and a mask in the ink making process for this one.